Esperanza,  Ecuador


 ...of T.J. MacGregor. And of Trish MacGregor. We are, of course, one and the same.


As Trish J MacGregor, I hope you'll travel with me to the mysterious city of Esperanza, high in the Ecuadorian Andes, where the border between the living and the dead is thin, where shape shifters and brujos - hungry ghosts - have existed for centuries, and good and evil battle for the ultimate prize: the human soul. There are three in this series - Esperanza, Ghost Key, and Apparition, all available and published by TOR/Forge.


As TJ MacGregor, I hope you'll travel with me to the island of Tango Key, into the world of psychic Mira Morales and her lover, FBI agent Wayne Sheppard. Or to South Florida, where private detectives Quin and Mike McCleary ply their trade in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Some of these books have gone out of print and are now enjoying a second incarnation as ebooks. You can read about them and read excerpts here. You'll also find links for various e-readers.


As Trish MacGregor, I write non-fiction and invite you to drop by our blog on synchronicity or meaningful coincidence. My newest non-fiction book is The Biggest Books of Horoscopes Ever, available in September 2016. In January 2017, Sensing the Future: A Field Guide to Precognition, co-authored with my husband Rob, will be available.
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